Robert Alan Smith Estate

The RA Smith Estate has a vast number of original serigraphs from the mid century modern era.  Most of them are artist proofs.  The estate has documentation showing that virtually all of the series were sold out completely.

During the coming years, the estate will offer an enormous treasure trove of his work.  Phase I will focus on the Serigraphs of the 1950s and 1960s.

The image at left is an example of that is unusual because he almost always utilize a horizontal format.

We will provide detailed information about each piece including title, size of series, the dates the series was marketed and any pertinent records including a certificate of authenticity.

The original marketing of this work was done by Oscar Salzar.  The estate owns the original binder that he kept the record of each series.  The process they developed was that Oscar would pick up a select number of serigraphs and then cross the country from California to the East coast, up the coast then across to the Northwest and back to Ojai, CA  where the artist lived at this period.

The record keeping was meticulous so the estate can provide a rich source of documentation on each serigraph.

Those interested in purchasing work can contact the estate to find out what is currently available.